Legacy Systems

Whilst our office environment and our ways of working may have changed beyond recognition over the years, we have not been able to leave all of our past behind. Many organisations still rely on systems and software that are old, yet central to their operations. These systems cannot easily be transported to a cloud environment.

In some cases this is due to a dependency of the software to specific hardware or operating systems which don’t support running in a virtual or cloud environment. There may, however, be cost effective options to amend and recompile the software to enable migration onto such platforms that can support running in the cloud. This approach has a number of benefits over migrating to a new software package, including:

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Why choose Servasure

Servasure can assist companies in both supporting their legacy systems and reviewing the way forward.

At Servasure we have Cobol developers experienced in developing Cobol applications, including those compiled on old versions of Cobol some of which predate the millennium. We also have systems engineers experienced on older operating systems, including NT4, ITX (NCR Proprietary OS), NCR Unix, Unix, AIX, Linux and older versions of Windows, as well as system architecture with experience in working with customers to move onto newer, more modern, platforms and utilising and exploiting the benefits, including the use of mobile devices i.e. laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Not only can we help companies support their legacy systems, we can also work with them to plan how, and assist them with, where possible, developing and moving them onto more modern platforms. We are constantly focusing on innovation; Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning, Predictive Intelligence, IoT, Drones.

We can, not only support bringing you to “now” but guide you into the future.

We can assist you across many new and different challenges, helping you to make better choices and better utilisation of your resources.

How to continue...

… running your critical legacy applications

Are you one of many businesses who rely on legacy systems and applications to run your business, and are you seeing this as an increasing risk? If you answer is “Yes” to either of these questions then Servasure can help you.

Our dedicated support and development teams can manage and support your legacy software installation as an extension of your in-house team, providing fast hands-on assistance. Our Service Management Systems monitor all service requests and automatically escalate calls ensuring the necessary resources are engaged to keep your mission-critical systems up and running.

By connecting you with the right engineers who can solve your issues, and solution experts whose job it is to know your software better than anyone, you get access to the right expertise, accelerated support, and system advice tailored to your environment.

While many organisations are consolidating and simplifying their application estate, it is often the case that there is a critical and bespoke system which was developed by a former member of staff or other supplier without proper documentation or support hand-over. These applications, while critical for operations, can be a liability for the IT department if left without formal support cover.

Through a tried and tested application take-on process, Servasure will support legacy applications, recommend enhancements to reduce the application risk, and provide assurance against the unexpected.

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