Our Story

A few words about our Company

In the late 1970’s the first computers came onto the market that were affordable for small and medium-sized businesses. Soon after, the founders of Servasure realised this would be the opportunity to get started in the field of automation. So, in 1976, they founded the company and took the first steps in the selling and digitisation of systems in Retail, Double Glazing and Service Management.

Our story also highlights the transition from office-based working, on legacy systems, to remote and home working using laptops, tablets and smartphones, managing and accessing hosted and cloud-based services, otherwise known as “Green Working”. As such, we have gone through the kind of transition that so many companies are now considering.

Now, decades later, Servasure Ltd is one of the most experienced operators in business software. We serve local and international businesses, large and small. With our specialists, we help our customers with our innovative software solutions, allowing them to manage and successfully run their day-to-day businesses.

Solutions we work on

  • Service Management solutions
  • Retail Solutions
  • Asset Management solutions
  • Workflow solutions
  • AI and Machine learning solutions

Some Long-term Enterprise Clients

  • Vokera
  • Volta Limburg
  • BT

Our Mission

Helping our customers with our software and hardware skills, both legacy and new. We are continually exploring these new and innovative technologies, the latest being artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business systems and decision making.

Technologies such as AI and machine learning can use a range of data and live feeds to accurately predict outcomes from complex scenarios, thus enabling businesses to make better use of resources. The accuracy of these predictions become ever more accurate through the technology’s self-learning models.

Our Values

Long Lasting durability whilst running our company.

We of course look after the relationship with our surroundings, people and our communities. We continue to work on reducing our carbon footprint; we were one of the first companies in Europe to adopt a “work from home/Green Working” policy.

Good employment practices and the sustainability of our transport, products and service.