Servasure Ltd has been working in the IT industry since its foundation in 1976. Over this period we have built up significant knowledge in specialist areas helping our customers and ourselves to navigate the many changes by embracing new technologies to improve efficiency and productivity.  We have also promoted mobile and home working to enable our staff and our customers to realise a better work-life balance while still improving efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

We are now making these skills available to help your organisation to become more efficient and competitive in your market.


Our Mission

Our knowledge is built around a number areas including:

• Legacy software maintenance
• Field service
• Service management

And over the more recent years we have spent considerable time expanding our knowledge in:

• Asset Management
• Machine Learning
• Artificial Intelligence
• Self-learning systems
• Predictive maintenance

We can help your people to better understand how utilising these technologies can help improve efficiencies, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction resulting in customer retention and making your business more competitive in future tenders and, of course, the ultimate objective; increased profits.

For more information, or to discuss how Servasure can help you, contact Rex Mayo or Leo Bijzet on the contact details below and we will make the right skills available to you.