Mobile Security without compromising usability

Business users are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices. This significantly increases the risks to their data, both at rest or in transit, as well as their personal credentials to mobile-based malware, phishing, cryptojacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, sideloaded and leaky apps. These risks are compounded by mobile users being free to browse to and access the wrong sites.

In addition, businesses can receive unexpected high bills from their mobile carriers for data, or have users’ data capped such that they are unable to use critical business apps due to them having used their current data allowance.

Servasure can supply, configure and help customers with deploying Wandera “Mobile Threat Defense” and/or “Mobile Data Policy” to resolve these issues and concerns.

Why Wandera?

  • Wandera’s unique multi-level architecture protects against threats at the endpoint AND network level, ensuring users are protected against the full spectrum of mobile threats
  • MI:RIAM, our cloud intelligence engine boasts the largest data set in the industry for mobile to protect against the growing number of zero-day threats
  • Wandera scans traffic to prevent data leaks (1 in 25 apps leak personally identifiable information)
  • Our Mobile Policy features help customers to manage their usage with site/app blocks, data caps and compression, saving customers an average of 30% on their data bills.

Wandera Mobile Threat Defense

Multi-level protection for mobile users, endpoints and corporate data. Security teams worldwide rely on Wandera to eliminate threats, control unwanted access and prevent data breaches.

Two levels of protection, working in tandem.

Cloud services and mobility have completely changed the way employees work, providing speed and flexibility in accessing information, but also exposing the enterprise to new threat vectors: mobile-based malware, phishing, cryptojacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, sideloaded and leaky apps. As your employees go mobile, so does your data. A comprehensive mobile security solution needs to address both endpoint and network level threats to provide optimal security.

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Wandera Mobile Data Policy

Flexible management of employee mobile usage risks. Be confident in the way your corporate devices are used. Enforce acceptable use, eliminate shadow IT, prevent excessive data usage and educate end-users on their usage.

Mobile devices give employees a world of freedom to access any site, anywhere, at any time. That might also mean accessing the wrong sites, in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Addressing this, and ensuring corporate data isn’t compromised, is a major challenge in mobility. Wandera solves this by using a multi-level security architecture that applies policy at the cloud level, prevents attacks at the network level and detects threats at the endpoint.

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