We provide aerial asset-intelligence and data analysis to help our clients work faster, safer and smarter

Since as early as 2014 our vision is, and always has been, innovation-driven. We seek to aid our customers in meetings today’s, as well as tomorrow’s challenges in the asset management domain. To that end, we believe that the combination of the use of drones, our proprietary analytical software, and applying artificial intelligence to the data for further analysis and predictions is the way forward.

This means we’re so much more than ‘just’ a drone company. We deliver end-to-end drone inspection services and data analysis, in which we deploy the latest drone inspection solutions and technologies to optimise asset management and performance.


Operating drones is only half the work

It’s all about turning data into information, and information into valuable insights and these insights into concrete actions. We don’t just leave you with a bunch of data sets. Instead, we provide you with intuitive tools to go from visual data to operational excellence.

Our areas of expertise include:

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