Authentication without compromise, enabling consumer available technology to manage your complete digital identity.

The iDENprotect multi-factor authentication, single sign-on & Identity Management platform removes common disadvantages associated with low security assurance, poor user experience and high support costs by combining the advantages of hardware and software.

What is the most reliable way to verify and trust the identity of users without restricting efficiency and productivity? We have the answer!

Cyber Security White Paper

Speed is key to tackling data breach fallout. Read more on the possible impact of a data breach to your company.

iDENprotect High Assurance

Using High Assurance methods to create an immutable digital identity creates a chain of trust between the organisation, the user and any device which they might choose to use. Organisations can therefore enable users to identify themselves, authorise transactions or conduct other high-risk activities with confidence. This is possible because the digital identity of the user is “locked” to a device, which is enrolled to the iDENprotect platform. With iDENprotect, the business can easily coordinate people, process and technology.

Harnessing Hardware-Backed Security

iDENprotect utilises the device’s own security hardware and uses it as a vault to create and store a private key that is tamper resistant and cannot be copied. This means that iDENprotect provides security that is as strong as traditional hardware tokens and as scalable as a software solution with added assurance and trust.

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